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Official timing

The timing / ChampionChip exclusively using the ChampionChip. If you already own a ChampionChip, enter the 7-digit numbers-number combination (without hyphen) in the field during the online registration. If you do not have a ChampionChip, you will receive a ChampionChip for which you € 30.00 deposit when you pick up the race packets in cash. A return of the chip after the race on race day only possible until 18:00 clock. You will receive the deposit in the amount repaid of 25.00 €. The difference of € 5,00 is the rental fee.

The chip must be worn during the race on foot.

You cannot participate without a chip! The chip is not transferable.

If you keep the chip after the race, he is bought and you can use the chip in future world events at all with chip timing.