The 6. International Double Ultra Triathlon Germany will take place in Emsdetten on the weekend of 14th/15th June 2025. Contestants will have to cover a total distance of 452 kilometres: swimming for 7,6 km, cycling for 360 km and running the remaining 84,4 km. The two non-swimming disciplines will be contested on short circular routes which repeatedly pass in front of the Tennis Club on Blumenstrasse. This is where the race administration will be based. As is now general practice for ultra triathlons, the circuits will be kept relatively short for logistical as well as health and safety reasons. The athletes will complete 152 lengths of the Waldfreibad open-air pool in Emsdetten (i.e. 152 x 50 metres), 82 laps of the cycling circuit (i.e. 82 x 4,412.33 meters) and 50 laps of the running circuit (i.e. 50 x 1,691.94 meters). The height difference of level, flat bike and run course is less than a meter. The time limit from start to finish has been set at 34 hours.

Conditions of participation

Contestants must be at least 21 years old and able to present evidence of having competed in a successful Ironman, ultra triathlon (or a comparable long distance) from the year 2022, 2023, 2024 or 2025. The organisers reserve the right to bar entry to any applicant who is unable to present evidence of the above.

Please indicate the exact Ironman swimming time for the division of the lanes.


The following prize money will depend on the number of all
participants in the world championship race at the startline:
 1st man and woman:
25 EUR * number of participants = prize money in EUR
 2nd man and woman:
15 EUR * number of participants = prize money in EUR
 3rd man and woman:
10 EUR * number of participants = prize money in EUR
The minimum prize money regardless the number of participants at the startline is:
 1st man and woman: 1000 EUR
 2nd man and woman: 600 EUR
 3rd man and woman: 400 EUR

Entry fee

Registration up to and including December 31, 2024: € 540.00

Registration from January 1st, 2025 to May 31st, 2025 inclusive: € 600.00

The entry fees will only be collected from December 1st, 2024, regardless of the time of registration.

Maximum number of participants and closing date for registration

Maximum number of participants: 64
Closing date for registration: 31/05/25 (unless the maximum number of participants has already been reached)
Contestants are officially registered only when payment has been credited to our account

Seats are only awarded upon receipt of the entry fee and secured only on our homepage under subscriber list.

Withdrawal from the event

In case of illness or accident, registered contestants will need to present a doctor’s certificate Refunds will be made only in accordance with the organisers’ terms and conditions

  • Up to and including 31/12/24: 75%
  • Up to and including 31/03/25: 50%
  • Up to and including 30/04/25: 25%
  • From 01/05/25 onwards, no refund will be made

Payment channel

By registering you confirm that you have taken note of the terms and conditions and accept them. After successful registration you will receive a registration confirmation e-mail from us. The entry fee will be charged a one-off direct debit as a method of direct debit to your account.

No registration confirmations will be sent by mail! As confirmation, the debit from your account, and your entry is published on the Internet in the list of participants. Only after successful direct debit can be found on the list of participants.

Only fully paid registrations will be accepted! Caused by incorrect payment information shall be charged to the participant.

Qualification card

After registering online as quickly as possible to qualify for the competition via e-mail must be proven to

Medical certificate – waiver

In addition to registering the medical certificate and the waiver is required!
In the absence of o.a. Confirmation is not allowed to start!
The medical certificate must be on race day is not older than 31 days, with the disclaimer on Friday 13 June 2025 leave at 15:00 clock.

The IUTA consent form can be downloaded at: Without a completed IUTA consent, no start is possible !!!