7.6 km in a 50-metre pool (152 lengths)

Time limit for swimming: 4 hours

Start: Saturday, 11/06/22 at 7:00
Stop: Saturday, 11/06/22 at 11:00


360 km on a two-way route, 82 laps of 4,412.80 meters in length

Time limit for swimming and cycling: 19 hrs 30 mins
Sunday 12/06/22 Cycling ends at 02:30

You can find an overview of the bike-course here.


84,4 km on a two-way route, 60 laps of 1,414.49 meters

Time limit for swimming, cycling and running: 34hrs 0 mins
Sunday 12/06/22:
International Double Ultra Triathlon Germany officially ends at 17:00

You can find an overview of the run-course here.

Time limit for the entire competition

The triathlon starts on Saturday 11/06/22 at 07:00 in the open-air pool at Emsdetten (Waldfreibad).
It finishes on Sunday 12/06/22 at 17:00
The time limit for the whole competition is 34 hrs 0 min

Pictures and Video

Pictures of the trail can be viewed in the gallery.

In the following video you can see details of the trail.


A car or cycling guide by supervisors on the bike and run course is not allowed. Any bike or run course change is possible!